Introduction to Gastroenterology and Water Health Index

2019-12-07 06:38:16

Familiarity with GI and water quality assessment

Introduction to the HASHIMOTO Gastrointestinal and Health Index and its use in water quality assessment

Based on this model of water quality assessment used by HASHIMOTO, the status of a water sample can be assessed in either the season of taste or health. In the taste index of the evaluator studied, the cationic and anionic equilibrium is between the parameters: so4, mg, sio2, K, ca, in this evaluation the ratio of the concentration of the three parameters sio2, K, ca to the total concentration of Mg and So4 Based on this index, the components of sio2, k, ca decrease the water’s utility and the two components of So4 and mg decrease the gas content.

On the other hand, an index called water index of health was also used to assess water quality during the health season, which evaluates the presence of optimum values ​​of ca cation due to its essential role in osteoporosis. It is important in cardiac muscle function. On the other hand, sodium concentration is also used as an indicator in this evaluation, due to the negative role of this parameter in atherosclerosis.

All said assessments are intended for waters that are of primary quality and primary water standard.