How much water does the body need?

2019-12-07 06:41:29

The amount of water and fluids the body needs

As you know, 5% of every human body is made up of water, indicating that adequate water plays a very important role in the health of the body, after oxygen is the second vital ingredient in the body without which the body lasts. It will not lead to death, so a lack of this vital substance can endanger your health and life. Yes!!

Water means life

In this article, we will look at how much water is beneficial to the body, depending on your weight or age and physical and geographical location and how much activity you need. Your body will be different to water.
How much water and fluids do you drink during the day?

While this question may seem simple, but it is not so easy to answer, there is no specific formula that can be cited for all bodies or for all people and everyone can follow it, but knowing more about the amount The body needs water to estimate the amount it consumes. Every cell and organ in our body needs water to function properly, water is a vital fluid in our body.
What are the benefits of water for the body?
What are the benefits of water for the body?
Lack of water intake can lead to dehydration when you do not have enough water in your body to perform normal functions. Even mild dehydration can make you feel less energized and tired, so be careful about the amount of water in your body if you feel tired.

Get rid of germs and toxins by sweating
Help to move the bowels and lubricate them and relieve constipation
Adjust the body temperature
Protects sensitive tissues
Softens and lubricates the hinges of the cheeks and joints of the body
Soothing skin and body

Well then!
How much water does the body need?

As we said, the body loses some water by excreting urine, stools, sweating, and through breathing, activity and movement, so we have to compensate for this water, of course, given the gender and all that We said before that the amount of need will be different.
The amount of water needed for men and women
About 1.5 cups (2.5 liters) of fluid per day for women
About 1.5 cups (1.5 liters) of liquids for men

The amount of liquids does not just include water. The amount of water in the food and other beverages is also included.
Eat 8 glasses of water a day or not?

As for the advice that people are told to drink 5 glasses of water per day, it is safe to say that it is simply one that is easy to remember, for example, people who can drink more water. Keeping them in the body and reducing the amount of water that exits the body, they need less water, so water should only be consumed at times when the body is thirsty because the body needs it at that moment. It has water and needs to be watered to the body.
Factors affecting the amount of water needed by the body
As the amount of fluid in the body changes, the need for water in the body will also vary;
The amount of water required by athletes

۲) The amount of water required by athletes

As you exercise and increase your physical activity, you become more sweaty and therefore drink more water and bring more water to your body, keeping in mind the amount of water you need to exercise your body. It should be before and after exercise, if you are exercising for more than one hour or more and have active activities, then use mineral water or so-called mineral water before exercising. Use naturally-occurring minerals, which will keep your body hydrated and hydrated. Do not feel tired during the exercise and the point here for dear athletes to note is that they should pay attention to the text on the bottles of mineral water so that it is written that it is mineral water, not drinking water and that Use well-known brands of mineral water.
As the saying goes:
We are not athletes but we love athletes very much

The amount of water needed by the body in heat and cold

Due to changing environment and warming the body will need more water because it will increase the body’s transpiration and consequently lose more water and thus cause more thirst, which means the body needs more water. The next, depending on the environment, is at altitudes, which due to changes in the metabolism of the body, the body needs more water.
The amount of water needed by the body in heat and cold
The relationship between the amount of water needed and the general health of the body

The relationship between the amount of water needed and the body’s general health

When you have fever or when you have vomiting diarrhea, your body needs more water than we should, and we need to bring more water to our body where we have kidney and urinary tract infections. The person is brought in or they are asked to use more mineral water.

۲) The amount of water consumed during pregnancy and lactation

Women need more water during pregnancy and lactation, especially as it needs to be healthy and mineral, as it is very important for the health of the individual and the baby or fetus, but in general the body needs, And you feel thirsty at this time, your women’s health office